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Crystal Dove Spirit Links is not only an International Spiritual medium but also a White Witch, Awakening Advocate and Spiritual Entrepreneur helping clients discover their spiritual voice and own being, through my spiritual mentoring and coaching and my gift of mediumship. I connect you to your personal spirit guides and higher self, that then, therefore, place you on the road to self-discovery, self-realisation and enlightenment. Specializing in spiritual mentoring, protection for home and self and empowerment. I help you to reach a place as the amazing individuals you are. Overcome obstacles and live a life full of truths and guidance and helping you to connect to your soul purpose in this lifetime.

I offer a range of different services catering to your personal requirements that you need at the time. These sessions include, clearings and healing your aura, release work for all that does not serve you anymore, guidance and connecting to your loved ones also spiritual counselling. Each session is unique and individual to you the sitter. Please get in contact with me today to book an appointment.

Healing, Spiritual Counselling, Parties, Courses, Classes, Private Sittings, Oracle School, Demonstrations, Seances and Mentoring (personal and group settings). Founder of Crystals Lightworker Spiritual Ministry

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Regular clients from all over the world

Here at Crystal Dove Spirit Links, I have regular clients from all over the world by working online. Giving out the guidance you need no matter where you are as there is no need to travel. You can be at work, at home or even in the car.

Why choose Crystal Dove Spirit Links?

  • Over 5 years

  • Online

  • Spiritual awakening advocate

  • Not just a medium, witch as well

  • I am also an ordained minister


Become a qualified card reader today!

I am also a natural card reader and have my own universal energies oracle deck cards which you can purchase and also my oracle school where you can become a qualified card reader yourself. To find out more information, call me today on 07403 390 005

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