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One of a kind Universal Energies oracle deck

These cards are very individual and blend my witchcraft elements in them as well. It is a very unique and beautiful card deck. 44 beautiful cards all channelled by the spirit through a shamanic painter. There is not another deck of cards out there that have any similarities to this universal energies oracle deck, one of a kind and never seen before. You will also be certified in this deck upon completion when you join my oracle school. To find out more information, contact me today.

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Custom universal energies oracle deck cards

My own universal energies oracle deck is available to purchase.The artwork on each card is channelled by the spirit through a shaman artist. These are unlike any other oracle deck as they are individual to me and include my witchcraft aspect

44 cards of pure energy and stunning images

They will also have specific cards that you would sleep with to connect to them, just like the major arcana in tarot. They include element cards, seasonal cards, direction cards, mythical beast cards, planetary cards, spirit and angel cards, plus much more. This deck is 44 cards of pure energy and stunning images. They are also infused with Archangel Metatrons 12 Strand DNA sacred activation to heighten your psychic abilities.


One of a kind Universal Energies oracle deck

Available to purchase priced at £30/$40 before postage and packaging. Universal energies oracle deck are spiritually designed and illustrated. Each card has amazing energy and meaning within, they are completely channelled through from spirit. This is a very special individual deck never seen before with a lot of different energies and meanings. The deck is also infused with Archangel Metatrons 12 Strand DNA sacred activation sequence. Prices and dates of my oracle school are yet to be confirmed. These courses will be available with payment plans for your convenience. 

You can purchase the Universal energies oracle deck by using Paypal.me 

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