Spiritual healing

Providing spiritual healing to help improve your emotional or physical well-being in each session. Spiritual counselling sessions connects me to your higher self to help you work through and release things that are buried deep in your core and aura from trauma, hurt and the negativity from the past.

What services can I offer

  • Skype or face time readings

    60 minutes Priced at £100

  • Mini-online readings

     30 minutes Priced at £60

  • Spiritual Counselling

    First session 60 minutes and 30 minutes thereafter £30

  • New year readings

    90 minutes minimum (Available in November, December and January ) Priced at £200

  • Video readings

    20 minutes Priced at £30 ( recorded for you to keep )

  • Personal guided meditations

    20 minutes minimum ( recorded for you to keep) Priced at £20

  • Universal Energies Oracle deck

     Priced at £30

  • Personal/Group Mentoring Programmes

    Prices vary

  • Universal Energies Certified Oracle School

    Prices vary

  • Weekly awakening Your spiritual being online classes

    Prices vary

  • 1 Day Workshops

     ( Online and in person ) Prices Vary

  • Group/party bookings also available

Why Go On A Spiritual Retreat ?

Well a Spiritual retreat is time set apart to be in quiet, rest, and solitude with Source ... Retreats remove us from noise and distraction, and into a place of spiritual refreshing and renewing. It is a way of entering into the presence of Source and allowing him/her to nourish our soul. We lose the connection we are born with because we get so involved in the physical existence through out our lifetime. These times when we put our soul and spirit first , connecting to all that is. Uplifts our whole being ( Body, mind and soul ) to remind us of who we truly are , a spirit living in a physical body. Surrounded and in a setting by nature, peace and tranquillity you can connect on a deeper level in the few days on a retreat more than what you can do by yourself, at home or at classes.
Spiritual retreats help us achieve a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and typically appeal to those who are searching for a purpose or higher meaning in their lives. Spirituality is a universal human experience—something that touches us all – and a spiritual experience can be sacred or transcendent or simply offer a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness. If you are questioning and searching for something, create some space to explore new practices in the quiet times you will also appreciate.

Here in the beauty of the Algarve and situated close by the medieval and historical city of Silves are stunning farmhouses/Quintas to cater for all your needs. The accommodation comprises of twin and double rooms, including lunches and dinners from a local chef, plus transfers are included to and from the airport of faro. Bliss and tranquility are first and foremost. Sessions start early and continue through the afternoon , leaving you to enjoy the surrounding areas at your leisure in the evenings or take a swim in one of two pools set in the orange groves

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