Crystal Dove Oracle School

Specialist in reading oracle cards

Here at Crystal Dove Oracle School, we offer a powerful new training program led by an
international spiritual medium, psychic intuitive and spiritual mentor, Crystal Dove.

Awaken your spiritual being for an inspired life

Everyone is born with the natural gifts of an oracle. Unfortunately, they remain dormant and unused in most cases. But with my training programmes you can fully activate your intuitive powers so you can access them at any time. To find out more information about my training programmes, contact me today. I offer my different types of readings either in person to clients via Skype or FaceTime.


Supplying 3 levels of training

Choose from one of our Mastery, Oracle or Oracle Coach classes

Personal mastery level 1

£20/$25/€25 (Bi-weekley)

  • How oracle cards and universal laws work together in co-creation
  • How to unlock the magic within you and connect it with the universe
  • A brief history of differences between oracle card systems
  • How to use my universal energies oracle for personal growth
  • How to use them in a daily spiritual practice
  • Harnessing the prospering power of oracle cards
  • How to ask the best and correct questions
  • Intuition and interpretation
  • How to get the most clarity in readings
  • How you influence readings
  • Successful graduates receive a certificate as a “Crystal Dove Apprentice”

Shared wisdom level 2

£20/$25/€25 (Bi-weekley)

  • Level 1, plus, how to work with advanced universal laws and universal energies oracle cards for yourself and others
  • How to read for others with confidence
  • Guidelines and ethics of working with others
  • Differences between oracle card systems
  • Introduction to oracle coaching
  • Advanced card spreads
  • Delve into past lives
  • How to connect to your sitters loved ones
  • Working with multiple decks
  • Process work on card meanings
  • Meditations to activate your inner oracle
  • Successful graduates receive a certificate as a certified “Crystal Dove Oracle Reader™"

Becoming an oracle coach level 3

£20/$25/€25 (Bi-weekley)

  • Everything in level 1 and 2, plus, in-person weekend training and study with Crystal Dove
  • Mandatory mentoring experience with students completing level 1
  • Questions for oracle coaching and advanced spreads
  • How to identify and co-create your unique legacy
  • How to open portals of awareness
  • A deeper knowledge of universal laws
  • Guiding others through oracle meditations
  • Being able to mentor others in the universal energies oracle deck and certify
  • Lifetime access and discounts to all future courses
  • Successful graduates receive a certificate and certification
  • logo to place on their websites as a certified “Crystal Dove Oracle Coach™"
£20/$25/€25 per session every other week or £40/$50/€50 per month
This training programme is for students who wish to co-create their unique, authentic, and inspired life through the practice of working with oracle cards for personal guidance and growth

Universal energies oracle deck

Will be available to purchase priced at £30/$40 before postage and packaging. 
Universal energies oracle deck are spiritually designed and illustrated. Each card has amazing energy and meaning within as they are completely channelled through from spirit. This is a very special individual deck never seen before with a lot of different energies and meanings. The deck is also infused with Archangel Metatrons 12 Strand DNA sacred activation sequence. Prices and dates of my oracle school are yet to be confirmed. These courses will be available with payment plans for your convenience

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